Exceptional Getaways

Making Lifelong Memories for Individuals with Exceptional Needs

We are excited to announce that we are offering day trips for groups.   We have several fun activities planned for this Winter.  Individuals traveling with us will need to be able to wear a mask while in the community and around others.
We will be holding off on the decision to offer overnight group trips until Spring 2022, but hopefully we will once again be able to offer you travel experience again.  Your health and safety continues to be our priority and we hope offer group Getaways again soon.
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Pre-Payment Plan    


Exceptional Getaways understands that paying for a trip can be something that may need to occur over time.  The prepayment plan is a personalized payment program.  This is not a savings account.  You are paying for your trip in the future over time.  A minimal deposit of $200.00 is used to open your payment plan.  After the initial deposit is made, you can decide when and how much you want to pay for each future payment.  You will receive a statement of your account annually and upon request.  You decide which trip you want to attend when you have reached your prepayment goal.  We understand that this process could take years and we will assist you in planning for your travel goals.  A payment receipt will be given to you upon each deposit.